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BC Invest

Here’s a range of documents and tools to aid in your customer’s planning and application for BC Invest Funded Loans

Tools – Application Forms – Calculators for BC Invest Funded Loans – Full Doc and Alt Doc Prime Loans

Flexible financing for Residents and Non-residents secured by Australian property

Only to be used by accredited introduers of Direct Credit Home Loans Australia. If you would like to become an accredited Introducer / Broker, please contact us

Product Guides and interest rates

Forms and calculators

This application is for Residential loans

This application form is for Self Managed Super Fund loans

Checklist to be submitted with all applications

Alt Doc Declaration form to be completed by customer

Alt Doc Accountant Declaration form to be completed by accountant

Identification checklist to be completed for each borrower

Credit card authority form for valuation fee’s

Servicing caluclator to be submitted with application When you open the calculator select “Enable Macros” if you are
requested to do so to ensure that the calculator operates as intended


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