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Self Managed Super
Fund Loans

Borrow in your self managed super fund to invest in property today

Make your super work for you – when you need it.
Book in a free consult to discover if you’re eligible to borrow in your self managed super fund to invest in real estate assets that could INCREASE your total retirement savings. We’ll let you know how it all works!

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Make your
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How SMSF loans work

An SMSF loan allows you to borrow in your self-managed super fund to purchase a residential or commercial investment property.

Any rental income or capital gains from the property are reinvested back into your retirement savings.

As well as residential properties, you can even invest in commercial properties like

It’s important to note there are some strict conditions with a SMSF loan.

  • The property must not be acquired from a related party
  • A fund member or related party cannot live in the property
  • A fund member or related party cannot rent the property
Lastly, your SMSF must pass the ‘sole purpose test’ to be eligible for the usual super fund tax concessions. This means it cannot be used for any other purpose besides providing a retirement benefit to you and other members.

Does borrowing in your SMSF sound tricky?

We know meeting all the requirements can be a headache. That’s where we can help you…

We’ll help you determine if you’re eligible for a loan, and how much your super fund can borrow

*Spots are limited due to high demand

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Speak with our team to find out if you're self managed super fund is eligible to borrow. You will also need to seek independent advice from your accountant/financial advisor

Invest in property with your super

If you're eligible, we'll help you borrow in your self managed super fund to invest in residential or commercial property today!

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Please book in to avoid the wait - as super fund loan requirements can change frequently

Real life case study

We recently settled an SMSF loan for a self-employed couple who ran their company from home. The trouble was that they needed to expand in to a commercial premise due to high demand for their products, which saw them outgrow their home based business setup. This was a tricky circumstance. Most financial professionals would have turned this couple away since getting them approved would be a hassle. Here at Direct Credit, we did some digging and discovered the couple had a self managed super fund in place plus their company had capacity to pay their SMSF rent for a new commercial property to run their business from. Once we organised the paperwork and their accountant and financial advisor crosschecked their investment strategy, the application was then reviewed by our credit team. Outcome – approved! And this couple can enjoy the seamless ease of running their business and paying themselves using their super. If you’re someone who wants to control their own super, and wants to invest in bricks and mortar, we’re here to help you.

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Get Fast, Reliable SMSF Loan Advice

*Spots are limited due to high demand

About Direct Credit

We are lending specialists who've helped thousands of Aussies move forward since 1998.

We are an experienced team of mortgage professionals, providing a full suite of financial services. One call and we can quickly find that solution you’re looking for.

Currently, we’re managing $142 Million in funds, and we are credit licensed with ASIC (Australian Credit License Number 392727).

Give us a call or fill in the form, and we’d love to see how we can help lend your SMSF to invest and grow your assets.

At Direct Credit, we are a mortgage manager for a number of Non Bank lenders. That means your SMSF loan process is simple and seamless while meeting the vital superannuation fund criteria. You don’t have to be a salaried employee. If you’re self-employed, we can help aswell. Contact us at Direct Credit to discover how we can help.

Hear from our clients

jason belljason bell
04:49 11 Dec 23
A pleasure doing business with the team at Direct CreditMasters in guidance through what can be a minefield of qualification
Heather RossHeather Ross
07:25 03 Oct 23
Awesome - Puawai, Tammy, Heather and Derek. So patient and understanding. They go above and beyond!
Narelle BullerNarelle Buller
09:40 30 Aug 23
Excellent service, great communication and always available to answer any questions. Very happy with our experience
Angus BlandAngus Bland
03:09 27 Jul 23
The team at Direct Credit were so helpful, friendly and efficient. They helped to select the best personal option. Information was readily available all the way along. No question was too big or small! My partner and I dealt mostly with Tammy and Kate, they were both amazing. I definitely recommend Direct Credit, especially if you are a first home buyer. Thank you so much!
Nathaniel McLarenNathaniel McLaren
05:42 26 Jul 23
Highly recommend these guys. Thanks again Heather & Tammy!
Tod OakrootTod Oakroot
02:45 19 Jun 23
Derek and Tammy from DCHLA were extremely helpful and ensured the whole home loan process was as simple as possible with great communication and a caring approach.Couldn't recommend them highly enough!
sarah jambiasarah jambia
01:05 21 Mar 23
Rodney SearstonRodney Searston
04:24 01 Mar 23
We found ourselves in a difficult situation and the team from Direct Credit Home Loans found us an avenue which has allowed us to move forward. Puawai did his absolute best working with us and our accountant; the follow up from Tammy and Katie was awesome. This is our second loan with Direct Credit Home Loans and I'm sure it won't be the last. Thank you so much guys.
Sue ChapmanSue Chapman
22:12 22 Feb 23
These guys are absolutely amazing! I would almost pay higher interest rates to be with these guys, almost! Fortunately, though, they are able to achieve the best outcomes for their clients. They work so hard to do this. I am so impressed!The personal service not only through the loan process, but with ongoing support, is second to none. Would be very disappointed with anyone else after being so well looked after by these guys 🙂

Can’t find the loan you’re looking for?

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We specialise in home loans and commercial loans to meet the needs of Aussies in different circumstances.

If there’s a loan you’re looking for, even if you have a low credit score…

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Borrow in your SMSF the smart way with Direct Credit

Here’s how our SMSF loan product works…

Our SMSF loans can also be used for National Disability Insurance Scheme type properties.

*Spots are limited due to high demand