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if you’re creditworthy – we’ll back you.

Australia’s mainstream banks are saying no more often, by making it even harder for people to borrow money.

For example, ANZ recently reduced its maximum debt-to-income ratio from 9 to 7.5. In other words, if you have an income of $100,000, your maximum borrowing capacity has fallen from $900k to $750k.

And NAB has also lowered its maximum debt-to-income ratio, from 9 to 8.

Direct Credit Home Loans is a different kind of lender. We look for reasons to say yes rather than no.

That doesn’t mean we approve every home loan application. What it means is that we don’t use rigid rules. Instead, we assess applications on their merits, based on flexible criteria.

In other words, if you’re creditworthy – we’ll back you. Check out or range of loans here 

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We can help you buy residential or commercial property, whether you’re a regular PAYG borrower, self-employed or credit-impaired.

Call us on 07 3726 1124 to discuss your scenario, or email our credit team directly on admin@directcreditcomau.fixed-staging.co.uk