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ATO Targets outstanding debt

In May, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) resumed chasing tax debts and threatened to publicly disclose the late payers’ debt status to their clients.

The ATO can list individuals and businesses who haven’t paid their taxes as defaulters with credit reporting agencies.

So if you or your small business have outstanding tax debt, it’s vital you take action before the ATO ruins your credit score or reputation.

If you own property, Direct Credit Home Loans can refinance the home loan on that property so that you can use the equity to pay off your tax debt.

We offer alt-doc and full-doc loans with loan-to-value ratios of up to 90%. Even if you dont own property, we may be able to assist with smaller tax debt loans as an unsecured loan.

You can speak directly to our home-loan decision-makers, unlike in mainstream banks. We’re also a lot more flexible and open-minded when assessing loan applications.
Talk to us about refinancing your home loan to pay off outstanding tax debt.
Call us on (07) 3726 1124 or email scenarios@directcreditcomau.fixed-staging.co.uk to discuss your scenario directly with our credit team